GoobrGrlRye's General Topic! AMA/Q&A and all that stuff


Hey everyone! This is my new general topic! You can ask me aaaaannnyyyytttthhhhiiiinnngggg! Just try 2 keep it hopscotch related and stuff. I will be doing shout outs 2. Today it goes 2.... @Refugeecat123! She is meh veeeeeerrrryyyy good fren, and she is AWESOME!!!


What would you add to HS?


Hmmmmm... That is a tough question... Maybe, a thing that you can record noise with? The ability to tag another hopscotcher on hopscotch would be pretty cool.


When does ur school start?
What state r u from?
Light blue or dark blue?
Pink or purple?
Cake or cookies?
Hopscotch app or forum?
Dog or cat?
Unicorn or horse?
Have u been to Fenway park before?
Do u like the Red Sox?
Do u want to be leader?
Have u ever been to sleep away camp?
What is the highest number of likes you have gotten on a HS project?
What is the highest number of likes that one of ur replies/ topics have gotten ( on the forum)?
Do u like to spam like?
What's ur favorite emoji?
Do u like :sunglasses:?
What is ur favorite character in star wars?
Do u like ice cream?
Do u like cupcakes?
Do u like baking or cooking?
Do u have any pets?
Who is ur favorite hopscotch?
How many features?
Do u play any sports?
If so, which sports?
Are you in any school clubs?
What's ur favorite song?
Do u play any musical instruments?
If so, what do u play?
What is ur favorite book?
What is ur favorite movie?
What is ur favorite tv show?
Are you still answering these questions?
What's ur favorite food?
Do u like seafood?
Do u like veggies?
Do u like dessert?
How much do u get tagged?
How many drafts do u have?
What's ur favorite thing to code?
Rate ur coding skills 1-10
Who are ur HS friends?
What's ur shoe size?
What grade r u in?
Do u like sleeping?
Do u like Nike or adidas better?
What's ur favorite sport?
What's ur favorite sport to watch?
How did u find out about HS
Do any of ur friends from school play?
Do u know any forumer a IRL?
Is this list long?
What's ur favorite quote?
What's ur favorite breed of dog?
What's ur favorite type of ice cream?
What's ur favorite project that u made?
Do u like drawing?
Have u made a project related to the Olympics?
Do u play Xbox?
Do u play mine craft?
Are u on an iPad, phone or computer rn?
How many siblings do u have?
What job do u want when u r older?
Have u ever smashed ur face into a birthday cake?
Do u love candy?
Do u like Ben and jerrys?
Are u in middle school?
Do U speak any other languages?
If so, which languages?
Are you glad the questions are done?


Yeah, I'd also add importing sounds :slight_smile:


I will put the rest on another post. Just a sec.


Uhhhh it won't do the quote reply thing..... It just puts "do"


Hai ppl.


Finished! Yes!


Hi. Why is there a limited amount of topics you can make now? I put this in my general topic because I have to wait 6 hours until I can make another topic. Is the limited amount of topics new???


Hi everyone. Does anyone know how to make a back up account? On the forum I mean. Thanks.


AHHHHH!!!! OMG!!!!!!!! THANK U!!! Soo much


Hi @Refugeecat123! Do u want to be in the story I am writing? It is a hopscotch story.