Goobrgrlrye's general topic, AMA and Q&A (número 2)


Hi! Hello! This is Mai General topic! Ask me anything! And I will post all my news and announcements and stuff here 2.


What is your hopscotch name?


What's your favorite hopscotch project?


Imy hopscotch name is goobrgrlrye. Just like on here.


I am not sure. I really like @EnchantedHopscotcher's princess celestia pixel art.


Omgee thinks! I didn't believe this is such a big hit XD

I'm making two big pixel arts, coming out!
I'm going to do a trail art version of Princess Celetstia as well. :DD


Um, is it okay if I ask for a request of a pixel art plz? Could u do an apple blossom shopkin pixel art?


Can you please give me a grid? I might be able to do it. :D


Sure! Maybe tomorrow though cuz I have to go to sleep soon, and I am on an iPhone so I can't post pics.


Oh alright! I'm working on a wolf pixel art, is it might be done late :0 :D


What are some of your Hopscotch goals?


1.get at least one project on featured
2. Get at least one project on trending
3. Have THT like one of my projects.