Goobr art club! By Goobrgrlrye



Hi everyone! I am doing an art club! I have a form on the app. The sign up ends April 1st! Challenges will be held three times a month. And there will be tons of activities all year long! Some of the activities we will do: exchange requests, art challenges, fun day Mondays, Picasso challenge, and more!!! I Hope you will join! We will also be giving a shout out to one of the awesome artists on hopscotch each month! March and April's artist will be... Tiger Lily:tiger::cherry_blossom:! Thanks so much Tiger Lily:tiger::cherry_blossom:. Any way, I will announce challenges and new members and stuff on the app and on the forum. After April first sign ups will be closed but they will reopen on June 1st. Time flies so fast doesn't it?!


I don't really do art, sorry! This does sound cool though.


wait for me! i am joining!!!!
P.S. can u just check my profile? sorry if that sounds so demanding ........LOL.......... because i am 2 lazy to go fill out the form.....:slight_smile: :grin::grin: if u really want me to, i will do it.


Okay! Welcome to the club colorfulblack! I am so happy you are joining! You are one of my favorite hopscotch artists!!:blush::yum::smile: