Gonna be offline today


I'm gonna be offline all day, because my family is going to Disney world for my birthday. We live in Florida so it's nothing new to us! Well. This is Zachyswag signing off!


Just for one day?


Have Fun!
My faverotie ride is thunder mountain


Happy birthday! Have fun at Disney World!

P.S. My favorite rides are Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Magic Kingdom! What are yours?


Yeah, one day. We're annual pass holders




Test track in Epcot. I'm that one guy who loves Epcot.


Lol I went on Mission Space, and it turned me off from Epcot forever


That's my other favorite! It doesn't make me dizzy!


Bye Fren! :wave: :wave:



I love Disney that's when I didn't know if I liked rollercoasterS but now I know I do so I want to ride everything big.

Or try to.

I like bed big thunder mountain though!




I also like rock n roller coaster in Hollywood studios. Well I have to go now! Bye!



Have fun!!


I'm that one person who rode the people mover 5 times in a row. XD

Have a great time! :D


I loved the people mover in tomorrow land!


I have bad memory of the people mover. We got stuck for like 10+ minutes. :expressionless:


That's my favorite ride too :D

Well, have fun! Happy birthday! :smile:


I remember the first ride I went on there was Space Mountain. I screamed for about 3 minutes straight. XD

Then we went on the PeopleMover and the announcer guy was like "Space Mountain is the wildest roller coaster at the Magic Kingdom". No kidding. XD


Quote dis


Ok then......

Spaceship mountin is boss