Gonna Be Inactive



My mom took away my phone, and the only way I'm making this is sneaking on my iPad.
So yah, until later!!


Hi! Are you new! Wanna be friends?
Don't sneak! It's not good.


Ok, good luck ;D


R.I.P. Phone
You will be missed in whatever closet your in


Okay, see you when you are on I guess.


This is late but....
No she showed up before you came back.
And mischiefforever, even though usually when I get to the final step I'm conflicted


Um.... that didn't make any sense XD


Uh-oh! Be careful!


Lol XD


I think it's in my moms purse lol




I don't really understand the reason for inactive topics


Neither do I. Somehow they make sense. If you only have the app, you'd think I'm very inactive. But I'm on all the time. I'm just working on stuff. (Like right now I'm working really hard on a collab with @Thedrawer and @fearlessphoenix.)


Just to let you know that I'll be off dorm a while... We can recycle if you want :))


Coool! Collabs are fun!!!