Gone for good now


Bye read my profile for detail


Not another forumer leaving...

Bye, here's a rose...




I'm sorry to see you leave
Also is your bio meaning there's too much positivity in topics and that Maltese gets too much attention or is too active?

If so maybe rephrase it better and nicer so not to hurt @Maltese's feelings :D

I hope to see you in over topics then ;-;


Nein! Komm' zurück!

Verlass' nicht!!!!!!

@Jess888: stay.


Noooooooooooooooooooooo whhhyyyyyyyyy??ur awesome




I wasn't here at the time so I guess it's ok :D

I was hiding in my smol hole

Bye @Jess888. ;-;-;

It's sad to see so many talented and nice people that make this forum better leave :disappointed:


Noooooo... Not you! Well, I respect your decision, bye...


Yeah, so many AMAZING people are leaving


Nup, she's leaving all other topics to happy and Maltese. :3

Bye @Jess888, I respect your decision, I'm sorry that you had to leave, and I hope you have fun in life! Bye!


@Jess888 That's sad you're leaving.. I respect your decision though. But it won't be the same without you! Auf wiedersehen und viel Glück, mein Freund.




@Jess888 nuuuuuuuuuuuuu frend I will miss you a lot ;-;

Auf Wiedersehen mein Freund ;-;


Warun musst sie verlassen ; ___ ;



whale whale whale...



And the @Jess888 ;-;


boi ;-;
here's a heart ;-;
I'll give you lots of likes ;-;


You'll be missed in the forum and on Hopscotch...
Goodbye, you deserve a like​:sparkling_heart:
You were so good and had some really amazing topics

(ps @JaggedJeans I love your profile pic!)


(thicks it's amazing right legs legs legs :0000)


Yeah thanks guys and I wasn't being mean to Maltese I was leaving all my topics to her and happy