Gone for a while



Sup, ladies and gents.

Big announcement.

I'm quitting for a while.

I may come back first week of August under a different account. I wanted to start fresh, too.

I guess this is the best way to do it.

But, I have a challenge for you:

I have already made the account to save the username. So, I will publish ONE project. It will say "Sup ladies and gents! This [Username] here! I am starting fresh with a new account."

YOU need to find/figure out which new Hopscotcher I am. But my hints might be in another language!

—Final Days of NightcoreStudios

P.S. Hint #1 ねこ


ねこ = cat
i used google translate.


Bye, until you come back! Also, the website in your bio is telling your last and first name, personal info. With both of those, someone could find your personal info. Please take it out.


Thanks @hopscotch_king for the translation.