Going to Cape Cod tomorrow



Hold your flags! Just read all of it first plz

Tomorrow I'm going to Cape Cod, so I will be less active. I will be on, but not as much. I'm coming back on September 5,2016 (Labor Day)

I might show you some pictures of the view and try to code them.
One we get there after the car ride, I might go on for a little bit. (The car ride is two hours)

people that have to see this


Hoped hopers coding school
Starting a hotel business!

Ok! Bai fren! :slight_smile:


Kool! :smiley:


Bring us back some chips pls


Sure! :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile: (no chips emoji)


Do you like cape cod chips too?


YES! I their SOOOOOO good


So, ya!



Well I was going to say the same thing


Lol just a little thing


The posts in a row with that GIF


Have fun! Bai, see you when you return! :D :D


Spenai @SmilingSnowflakes posted on my topic?! :open_mouth::flushed::open_mouth::flushed:


Bye! Hope you have a gr8 time! :slight_smile:




Have fun! The cape is so much fun! I go every year for the summer


Me too! What hotel do you go to? You don't have to answer if it's too persenal


Ocean edge and I stay at my beach house. But im home now and at school:(


OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I go there too!!!!!!!!!!! You have school already?