Going to be On Less! c:


Hai Hopscotchers!

So, school is starting (for me) in about 2 1/2 weeks! Which means that I'm going to busier...I'm starting 6th Grade, which means homework, karate, and other things! So I'm going to be on less!

As for those 2 1/2 weeks of summer, I want to enjoy it by swimming, reading, and some fairs! So I'll be on less!

Just letting you know! I'm not leaving, tho!



I understand! I am going into 6th grade in 1 1/2 weeks :D

Have fun enjoying the rest of ur summer!



I hope you have a good last week/days of summer! C:


Okay. Have a fun rest of your summer, and good luck in sixth grade! :smiley:


Thanks guys! For my district, 6th Grade is the last year of elementary school, so I get to rule the school this year. XD

I procrastinated on my homework SO much last year, and I want to change that this year by limiting my time on the forum!

I'm going to use this topic for telling you guys about when I won't be active!


Ok, have fun at school (in 2 1/2 weeks)


Hai guys! :D

School starts tomorrow! I'm not going to be on in the mornings on school days anymore, so I'll probably be on from 5:30-8:30 during the week (depends on when I finish my homework). I'll also be on less on Tues, Wed, and Thu afternoons because of karate. But I'll be on on the weekends a LOT more!


Hi! So the first week of school is over! (I survived yey)

I'm going to be on more this weekend, but I might be on after school a little more on karate days! (Read above post for days)

However, I'm going to be studying Chinese this year! There's a new girl in my class who just moved here from China, and me and a few friends are going to help her by talking to her in Chinese! :D So I might be on less when I study!


Hi! :D

So, I'm going to be off this weekend! I'll be camping from Friday-Sunday. I won't have my iPad with me, so I won't be on! ;-;

I MIGHT be on tomorrow morning or in the afternoon, but probably not.

In other words, plz don't spam me XD


Okay! Have fun camping. :D
Makes mental note to spam like @Sensei_Coder


Why Ruby, why ;-;
Also, we're going to have nachos for lunch on Saturday! @AwesomeNachos


This is probably my last post until Sunday!

See you l8er, forum! I'll be back! :wave:🏻