Going through harsh times


EmojiArts...I'm so sad...Suicidal?
I'm always here for you.
If you ever need anybody, I'm right here.


Same I wish my grades would freaking come up and everyone would stop being so mean to me at school SOMEONE MADE fun of me sneezing


Awwww.... It's ok. Don't worry, I promise things will get better :slight_smile:


That's mean. Sneezing is not something to make fun of. I'm sorry you are having hard times at school.


At home my sisters are mean and annoying and my mom hates nicki and my dad can be really mean and loud and gah I hate it


Don't worry. My siblings can be mean. Just be nice to them, and things might get better :slight_smile:


My mom is not a fan of Nicki...

I listen to her sometimes though :stuck_out_tongue:


I know how you feel. I have lost my grandmother and my aunt too. I am often suicidal too, but that never helps. I'm here for you if you need to talk.


That´s not good. I really hope that you will feel better soon.


You can get thorugh it, talk with your mom ,she will help


How is this hopscotch related? @moderators @moderators


I'm so sorry that you are going through ;-;

I too lost someone who I was close to, my brother, and I know how hard it is

I really hope that you get through this dark stage, remember there is always light at the end of the tunnel

@ me if you ever need to offload to someone, I'm happy to listen


That tag doesn't do anything I don't think


I think it does. @liza should this topic be closed? Its not HS related


As long as their isn't a flame war, it's probably ok as EmojiArts is just telling us how she feels


Oh sorry, I'm just used to seeing these types of topics being closed. @EmojiArts next time make this topic related to hopscotch!!


That doesn't even make any sense.


She means she wants her grades to be better and for everyone to stop making fun of her. :D


No the sneezing part.


I'm here for you always!