Going on a Vacation!



I will be leaving, starting tomorrow, for vacation! I will be on a little, but not as much, so don't be surprised if you don't see me! XD

I'll be coming back on Monday. Then I'll be back on the forum everyday as usual! :D


Okay! :D

Have fun! :D


Thanks! :D

Although I'll miss the forum a lot..


I hope I don't forget this topic and I start wondering why you haven't posted in a while lol

I notice if someone leaves or hasn't posted in a while. XD
It's just something strange I do. XD


Have fun!

I will miss you!:smiley:


@SmilingSnowflakes XD

@HuggingFluffyBear Thank you! I will miss you too, along with everyone else! :D


Thank you!

Once again have fun!!! :-D!


Thanks! Again! :D

Again, I won't be gone completely. I will be on here and there, mostly at night.

EDIT: Cool!


Yes that's exsactly how I will be soonish!


Going on dad's phone! :D

I will only be on for a little while!



I'm currently on vacation. XD

I will be gone for 5-6 hours a day for the next two days. :3

Just an announcement about my inactivity! :D


Why @Maltese, Senpai?

Oh wait, this was created three months ago. XD
EDIT: Why, @Maltese, current Senpai? :cold_sweat:


Why am I on vacation? Because I was forced to XD

Yeah, for a different vacation. :3

I didn't want to make a whole new topic, so I revived this one. :3

Thank you for saying I'm your senpai! ;u;


Cannot like. :sob:

Here is a like! :heart:


Thank you!

Here's a 'c:' like :3



I disagree sorry


how can you disagree with a fact


How can you not disagree
excuse you for your rudeness I was stating my opinion



I don't know how to respond to that


i was stating my opinion and then you lashed out at me

what if someone came here and thought there was a flame war o wait there is