Godly Religion Topic 5!



Hey y'all, so the last one was deleted because all topics in help with code were deleted. Y'all know the rules. Don't argue please, don't be aggressive or offensive, and don't comment on something unless you're at least 85% sure you're right. (False info is the worst. Did you know 1/3 kids have admitted to believing or sharing a fake news article?)

Lastly, once again, we don't care what religion you are, as long as you're civil. Ask away. Even if they are semi-rude, ask. (Notice I said semi-rude; don't be full on rude. No one can handle that)

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Sorry, I'll be on my way now.


What, why? What do you mean by that? :0


@ExquisiteSoup, if you are not a Christian, than who do you believe you belong to. @codingCupcake123, this is the 5th. I joined in the second one, three got flagged down, and four was in help with code; and I thought that you would be in the member list.


So...who wants to have a debate? (I love arguing in a good way)


What do you want to talk about?


Erm how about you choose? I don't want to pick something already discussed in the last topic.


I believe I belong to myself. I control my decisions for my entire life, and when I die, I can look back at what I accomplished and be proud.


Does He like chicken soup


I belong to Ra, sekhemet, and bas.
Egyptian gods, I'm pagan.


in my case, i belong to the earth and am probably going to have my body buried without any preparation bc that way i can have myself be a direct contribution to the earth
that's the way my belief believes in, at least


You believe in Egyptian gods? Would you mind explaining your reasoning on that?


i honestly find christianity's concept of a god just as puzzling as egyptian gods' ideas.

i'm here solely to try and understand how my mom is religious lol


Paganism means you can choose your own gods.
Seperate from god and judesim.


I'm a practicing Lutheran because my family but I consider myself agnostic.

I think I will die and I want my body to be buried without my family having to spends millions on a coffin and other things. I would like my funeral to be a party not a depressing gathering.

I think it would be cool to be reincarnated but I don't believe in any god.


Because they have faith. Religion is a concept like anything else. You choose to believe in it or not, I don't understand what's so complicated about it.

I don't personally believe in anything but it's simple to understand. These religions have existed for a long time, so naturally something had to have made people believe and have faith.


How much evidence is there that these Egyptian gods exist? I honestly have no idea. The Bible describes the ten plagues over Egypt, each plague "challenging" specific Egyptian gods.


so you believe the bible's word on history...?

the evidence that christian gods (??) exist is the bible, so i don't see how you're on any higher footing...


Sure, go for it!


Oh okay! Sorry I accidentally deleted that post! I am Indian Orthdox like Caroline! So we have different traditions. When it is Good Friday, we drink the same thing Jesus drank when he asked for water. Which is (I don't know but I am guessing) it is vinegar and something else. We believe that we are going through it and not imagining it.