Godly Religion and Coding Club! (Take 3) All are welcome!


Hi everyone!

This is the new Godly Religions Coding Club and discussion place. The last one seemed to have just disappeared, and I asked Rawrbear if he minded if I made another, and he didn't. So yay.

So, one thing I want to say is anyone is welcome. I don't care if you're not Christian (the religion we kind of mainly focus on) or anything like that, we love to see you here! Anyone can join! Or you can just talk. Without joining.

Also, another thing I want to do different is not argue. We can talk, but let's not have huge passive aggressive arguments. We love to hear questions, but most of us know what is a questions and what is just completely rude. I don't mind the borderline "should I ask or is it pushing it" questions. :))))

Overall just respect everyone as the valuable person they are.



Forgot the rest lol...add yourself, its on global edit!


Want a passive aggressive argument?
I love these. I mean not like it's good, but it's nice practicing debating over a sensitive topic.


K sure let's talk

I just meant I'm not going to respond like a crazy person and go into full argument mode

Cause who wants that


I have a question.
What did God create?


What do you mean

He created lots of stuff


Like what
Did he create everything?
EDIT: Wait how did he create you
I thought your parents did that sorry is this getting awkward I should stop


He created at the natural stuff and he created man and woman.

And then man and woman created man-made stuff. (hence the name lol)


Was there life before god


No. There was not. God is life.


"I am an artificial product of humans. I am man made and was manafactured on <insert birthday here>"


Then who created God himself?


I prefer not to talk about religion and stuff on online forums, so I won't participate in these discussions, if that is okay :)


Nobody. Revelation says that God is the Alpha, and the Omega, the Beginning, and the End. God created man and woman and told them to reproduce; therefore, we are sub-creations. If you like debate, you should talk to Kay Kat when she gets back from vacation.

@codingCupcake123, should we put this in the lounge.


You have just participated by posting.


Just ignore this topic if you don't want to see it, and let God be with you. :D


Isn't God Jesus?
And Jesus was the product of the virgi.n Mary?


I know I just sound ridiculous. Like what the heck right? I make no sense. But i kinda believe it takes more faith to believe there's no God or anything like that.

I find most atheists are that not because of evidence or anything, but because of personal events.

What really was a deciding factor was once, I was reading about some horrible thing that happened. I was thinking the usual stuff, how can people do that to one another, what if it happens to me, etc.

And then I thought, ok I just need to know. Like, I can't wander through life blindly. Our lives can change or end at a second. You might think you've got years, but that could change in 10 seconds. We a think we've got years. And then what?

And that's where I kinda began and went deeper.


Really? But you really don't need faith to believe in no God, because faith is sort of believing in one, and when there is none to believe in, there is really no faith towards a God.


We are having Holy Week right now


God is a triune God. He is 3 persons, God the Father (God himself), God the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit (the part of Him that dwells in us when we are saved). Jesus is both Son of God and Son of Man. He is God, but over 2,000 years ago, He came down to earth and was born of a virgi.n, so He could die on the cross for our sins. If I do not reply right away, I am studying history.