Gobli's General Topic II 🤔



So…my last GT got to 10000 posts. Here’s the new one!

The last one maxed out because of ciphers
Ciphers ciphers ciphers

Anyways, have fun!

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The Official ScotchHop Team Topic [OPEN] -- Except with a Dramatic Twist!

First boooo


New topic!


The hacker gave me a codename but told me not to tell anyone, so I won’t tell anyone it


how did your topic manage to get closed that fast! Congrats lol!
Mines been here since 2016 and it doesn’t even have 5000 posts lol. :p


The ciphers maxed it out…


We were solving a cipher in her topic. And that took a lot of posts XP


Hi there GobliCatPai! :D


okay that makes a lot of sense but still. that’s pretty cool though, I’m the worst at ciphers eheh.


Yay! New topic! My own GT has like 150 replies…lol


Mine has about 1.6k or so, but it’s waaay far away from maxing out.


I’m sure that you can get better at them! Want to help out?


What’s a Cipher? :D


It’s a synonym for a code :wink:


Oooo, cool! And thank you! :D

I love codes ;D


They’re very fun to make and decode! We have fun :wink:


I could but I probably won’t be much help eheh. I can’t help out at the moment though because my iPad’s at 8%. ;-;


Awesome! How do they work? (^-^)


Oh noes ;-;

I never let my iPad get that low, lol


Well, we get a cipher (code) from a hacker called cielingfan, and we have to decode it. Sometimes she also leaves riddles.