Gobli’s General Topic V 😔 [yeethaw]



‘ a A / A A / A A A / A a A / a A / A a A A, thanks.


It’s quite interesting that nobody has broken the ciphers yet.


Because you’re not me.


KOREAN!!! I do wish I could read that without google.


I broke one! I mean, we all know who you are…well, I’ve narrowed it down to four people.


yoyoyoyoyoyo carpet wants to know what your padlet acc is? If you have one lol


a a a a / A A A / a A A / ‘ a a a / A a a / a / A a A a / A A A / A a a / a a / A a / A A a / A A a / A A A / a a / A a / A A a ?


Someone something
What the heck is hers I haven’t been able to find anything called carpet


My cipher projects are being banned.
By the way, I saw @SarcasticTvHead remix one of my banned projects.


I was wondering what you were doing


THT doesn’t like them, as I see.


Yeah I see, THT remixed your project


It was an imposter.


Haha ok


Looks like nobody can crack my ciphers.


I won’t be surprised if I know you did it.


Wydm, the cracking the code or THT thing?


THT thing.


I’m just a puny mortal ;-;


Petrichor things.