Gobli’s General Topic V 😔 [yeethaw]



is that the joke or is that how I achieve gaining an inside joke


That is how it is done in my school

Learn our ways, small one


my middle school had a lot of inside jokes, hamlit, time moves quickly here in the potato fields, do more math, off to England, to name a few


I should probably go sleep, good night!
sorry @Gobli09 for clogging up your gt


Ours were just all over the place

Ok, gN

Sorry @Gobli09


hi gobli i dont think weve talked before so hello nice to meet u
carpet told me to tell u to make a padlet acc


hey nice to meet you too

I already have a padlet account, what’s carpet’s account?


its just called carpet
i dont really know how padlet works so if theres like a tag or smth else i need to get just lmk


alright then, thanks! I’ll try to find her

very sad image


So we were watching this video in math and at 1:01 ten people got up and left the classroom and everyone else started clapping


Some other kids and I got a certificate from my math teacher for attaching rubber bands to a Barbie doll’s feet and pushing her off a staircase without killing her



a a a a / a / a A a a / a A a a / A A A , Gobli09. ‘ Seem a smart person.


What the heck he didn’t even have a choice there


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thanks




How are ‘ ?


i’m alright, what about you?


니가 나 한테 묻는 게 아니란 걸 알지만, 괜찮아.
Translation: I know you’re not asking me, but I’m fine.