Gobli’s General Topic V 😔 [yeethaw]



maybe the sheer suggestion of actually venturing out to rescue the ice-cream from its impending doom in the freezer tired him out so much he just combusted without warning


but yeah he probably just became shaggy


I wonder how bad he is high on sugar

I’m legit bouncing and laughing like a fre ak


True true true


higher than most of the kids at my school, and thats saying something


I forgot was it your school or m.v that takes a lot of


mv does too, but my school is full of the rich white kids who want to be Cool


B.H doesn’t do as much as your guyes

And oof bout that


one day we were doing a mealworm lab and this guy comes in, completely stoned, and says to me “Their little legs! they’re so nifty!”


Was he caught lmao


last week one of my table partners come in and without saying hello said “I ate a boatload of brownies today” and then during class we kept making noises at each other and he cracked up and I have to say it was A Time


like half the kids are high theres not much to catch lol


it was the most words we’ve ever said to each other, and im not disappointed


All the kids in my classes are just kinda boring

My Spanish class is the most interesting, one kid named Conner always falls asleep while watching fortnite


a peaceful serene and respectable way to go out


Kid in front of him when he’s sleeping will turn up his volume all the way then smack him


an absolute legend I love him


The whole class has a inside joke about celery


my classes don’t have inside jokes and this greatly saddens me


Bring celery and chew it as loud as you can