Gobli’s General Topic V 😔 [yeethaw]



Is there ever a correct amount of mustard


no mustard


You are a disgrace to human kind


Wow I’m being ignored give me attention


no u uwu


I need a better stomach to eat that much sprinkles


attention given



mmmmm cheese


I love cheese do you love cheese




I actually surprisingly do not know how to get out of handcuffs but I’ve memorized how to tie a noose cause of this one kid long story I have never met someone with as such a like of cheese as me wait I have me


im afraid cheesecake is far superior than you make it out to be and we need to dispute this because I can’t have you going around ignorant like that


there are many instances where cheese is my only remaining friend


I legit at lunch just go around and steal people’s cheese


I feel like if Petty went and ate a whole tub of icecream he would die


a mouse


he could take it



There’s many conspiracy theories about me

Maybe I am a mouse


No wait, he would either die or become shaggy

I feel like he went and got that ice cream cause otherwise he would have said goodnight