Gobli’s General Topic V 😔 [yeethaw]



that’s my point


gay penguins in Australia


my friend was showing me that today in French class and ive never seen her more exciting I love them


I think the book Renegades by Marissa Meyer would be a cool movie if it was made correctly without many changes


plot twist


the lack of grammar is strong with this one


You don’t know who gave you heart? Do you think I could k


-in this guy sorry my conscience was trying to stop me from finishing that post





fortnite will be the dea,th of america
and everywhere really



don’t like that


It’s like, can we just not ruin Winnie the Pooh’s face?

This is the best picture though (and most delicious)


do I need to hire someone to forcibly make you forget about mummified cats?


Nope. Just maybe hire someone who’s been to culinary school and can cook it.


what does it even taste like?


Well, it’s kind of dry. And depending on who mummified it, kind of salty.

(Note: you do realize I’m making this all up, right?)



And yeah, I know you’re making it up


And you just have to make sure there’s no mold before you eat it. It is thousands of years old