Gobli’s General Topic V 😔 [yeethaw]



@discobot fortune
I want to be tracer


:crystal_ball: Without a doubt


good job


@discobot thanks bro


and…my post was deleted


my favorite thing to do on instagram is to stalk all of my classmates


Same as my best friend
Sometimes I do that too
But I don’t have an account
You can guess XD


where did the biggest problems in our world topic go?


Oof idk


there was no reason for it to be deleted


Idk if I’ve said this already bc I forget half of the things I post on here, but there’s this kid in my school who looks more like Obama than Obama looks like himself



i’d leave the forum but i already did that a year ago


leaving the forum is better if you have experienced it in the past


tfw everyone’s complaining about an inappropriate drawing but you see nothing wrong with it


what drawing


wait where did the drawing topic go


Oh, just some spamflaggers who kept flagging a drawing of some women with transparent tops that Kayro was drawing
Kayro just kept posting the pic
Which no offense but that didn’t really help


at debate club this guy said that trash doesn’t go into bags, and then proceeded to explain that they went garbage bags


…? they’re the same thing