Gobli’s General Topic V 😔 [yeethaw]


what is a neecap tho


Kneecap is the cap of you knee


but my nee is wearing a cap


yeyeyeyessssss?? ,


And 6-year-old me could get through it easily


he was drunk on honey mustard


good job six year old you
six year old me would probably get bored by the 3rd page










Whoa wait it’s the same for you on your gt?

Can I try the three post thing here then once? Cuz this is weird


yeah sure


Okay cool thanks


Testing testing 123


This should be the last post that system lets me make here

Edit: @Gobli09 yeah hmm that’s interesting. I could only do those three posts


So the no more than 3 replies rule only applies to topics that you didn’t create



I wonder if that means topics that arent GTs (like topics in the gt category). It prob does tho

@sophia71205 (don’t reply here maybe reply on the ICL topic)
Could I judge? Maybe?
I’m not very biased, maybe a 2 or 3 on ur scale of 1-10.
I can make decent decisions in a short amount of time and I’m…, kind active? Very very very active on hs and … not so much here but I might be if I come back

Ahhhhahhaha also I kinda need help so pm me with a white board fox link and I’ll explain there I guess hehah it’s a petty and dum.b thing but y’know hehauhimjaijaijmaii idk what to do


this is me with my brother


Happy new year guys