Gobli’s General Topic V 😔 [yeethaw]



Carpet is currently having like 10 convos at once what an absolute mad lad


u should read ‘the night that ate my heart with life mad’

it’s good really


I am


that shows how special she is


see @ItzMya carpet said i am officially undumdum k


A very special specimen


No youre still dum dum
You’re just good at multitasking


i am the best at it

one time i didn’t feel like doing my hw at home so i did it at school AJJDHAJD


Can you take my place at school


what are u willing to give me


All my palak paneer, which is cheese cubes in spinach


i don’t eat diary sorry gobli but i am going to have to not take ur deal


@ItzMya are u dobby


Ok ok fine I will give you Mickey Mouse


Mickey Mouse isn’t mouse it’s a rat

sorry gobli i don’t like frauds


What will you accept??


i will except enterprise


take it
as a thank you I will also give you my carrots


ty i will make even better carrot kimichi with ur carrots


No Donny is a little baby
Carpet are u monky