Gobli’s General Topic V 😔 [yeethaw]



omg and abc souppppp


And abc everything and anything edible


Thanks @LunaMorgana387


Haw yee


*Haw yeet


Now time for ads
cmon I ran out of lieks for 2 WHOLE frickin hrs Nuuuuu
See my topic for more cris


what dat
tat sounds right


Yee hee

Heet yeet


there was this guy who insisted that another person was kim jong-un. “kim jon-un” told the other person that he was donald trump. then it all escalated from there. with more than just a few fortnite references.

children these days :triumph: :triumph:


My brother is bouncing a big blue ball around and “slam dunking” it everywhere
Could someone please shimmer to existence in my house and make him stop


Please stop little cat boi


Thank you for your efforts but he is as stubborn as a mule and is not stopping


give him a small pink bomb


Good idea, I’ll give one to him


yessss that sounds lit
so excited


Please stop little mule boi


Do you want to have our first concert now


He stopped. I locked myself in a room and now he’s annoying my father. Thanks for the help yall