Gobli’s General Topic V 😔 [yeethaw]


2 + 2 = fish
Fish + fish = megafish
megafish + megafish = elephant
elephant + elephant = 2

Gobli09 rocks!
I live under a rock. :mount_fuji:



First post! Bwahahahahahaha
(Technically second if you count the starter)


Looks like you got the first post this time


Ceiling. What up with you?


The fan.


I don’t have a fan. I do have a vent above the end of my bed, tho.


Ok so Ana apparently closed my GT because it wasn’t code related.
Literally half of the topics here aren’t code related.
Does she have some kind of grudge against me lol


Ack. Now there’s people on here. Welcome people.


You must have a fan in your bedroom :triumph:


I live in the basement.




idk theres like. so many gts??? maybe tht has decided theyre not allowed anymore?? seems fishy


No, there’s like three peoples.


i doubt that. it’s hard to have a grudge against you.


I live in a dark room and eat cheese all day


Definitely :pensive::facepunch:


I live in my parent’s basement lol


Yeah no


Hello Gobli, long time no talk


i hope not cause then they’ll end up with no forumers.