GoatLord General Topic 2 because no. 1 is a dinosaur and cant be edited because it has no more dna



Hi here are some rules
Don't be rude.
Don't discriminate.
Don't flag without a reason, I want a peaceful topic.
Don't start fights.
Don't spam.
Stay on topic.

Ok thats it have fun lol




Hi anyone? Im bored and want ideas to code


You should put the OMTL so people can chat with you and stuff
And hi I'll talk


Not sure if the OMTL is allowed for general topics.
At least I don't think it was when I left.


Maybe a friend list??!


I think I had one on my old topic but I think it's full lf people who have left lol


Then make a new friend list by asking people if you wanna be on it


Im back (maybe(i think(still havent fully decided)))


Im definitely back you will see my first project soon


The Jewel Thief v6 AKA the 2017 reboot.
The last edition of The Jewel Thief.