GOATGAMES🐐 Official Beta Testing Topic

You are more than welcome to

Thanks a lot dude! Looking forward to it :+1:

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Lol nvm

Sonic or Mario?

  • Sonic
  • Mario

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Yes I will tag you, also this was the secret game(s) silver

@FearlessPhoenix @SwimGirlStudios @FRENCH_WAVE123 @Ostrich @The_Wild_Fox @Dolphin_Blast @Nobody @NTh3R @MB248 @ALBUS @ShakenChip @SilverSong vote. Closing the poll when I wake up


Idk how but Mario won

Even though only 7 people voted

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Whoever played it thanks a lot…


hmm im a bit late but i think it looks fine in the actual level creation bit. you could make it lighter for consistency but its fine other than that. in the scroll bit, why dont you just use the same outline method as with the other platforms?

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Yeah I tried but it doesn’t look good

It looks off center

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Can y’all help test traveler so there’s no bugs?

@AECREATION mute please.

almost every topic on watching bye lol

Please leave tysm

@leaders Clive I don’t want a beta testing topic anymore because I wanna learn how to be good on my own and not rely on other’s opinions


thats fair, but just keep in mind that the best way to learn and grow can be by exploring new ideas and perspectives, things that sometimes you can only get from other people

you can have the clive if youd like it but id encourage you to still accept and build on feedback from your peers :))


Yeah! I will but I will ask for cc instead of having someone beta test

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Very good point though

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let us know if you would like this reopened!