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to debug my code?


I guess that would be the best thing hehe


Very fun. Are you gonna clive all of your other beta topics?


Yes except the other one you are in (I’ll Clive that once I’m done)


awesome! Look forward to betaing for you in both of the topics :))
Nice to have one place for them all

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@FearlessPhoenix @SwimGirlStudios @FRENCH_WAVE123 @Ostrich @The_Wild_Fox @Dolphin_Blast

Welcome to my very small beta testing topic! I picked 7 people who I really trust to give feedback and improve my games!

If anyone else is lurking in the topic, please leave. Either you didn’t sign the form or you didn’t get accepted

I’m also look to expand the beta testing topic soon so you might get another chance

I am making a platformer for st Patrick’s day

Heres level 1 (no other levels are done yet - haven’t added much yet) (also sorry if you already played it, I added collectibles though)

Link: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/11j9mio9t8


How does it look from the thumbnail (not the official one btw)

Have you found any bugs?

Do you think level 1 is hard?

Did you find all of the clovers? (There are 3)

Rate level 1:

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  • 2
  • 3
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  • 5

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Anything else?

Also, Fear I understand if you don’t want to rate it cause you can’t play it + you are a curator



Level 1 is kind of short, if it was longer it would be better. I found the clover that was at the back easily, and the one onscreen easily. But the other one took me 5 minutes lol

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Ok lol

I’ll increase the length of the levels

And the clovers will be hard no matter what

My two cents from the thumbnail

How does it look from the thumbnail (not the official one btw)
I like the colors you picked and I think that the scheme you’ve got going on is super sic! Very aesthetic and fits the st patricks day theme well :))
However, the outlines are really inconsistent. All of the green objects (player + spikes) have thinner outlines than the brown. The outline on top spikes also looks really inconsistent and the positioning seems off. Looks like there’s a tinyyyy bit of overlap as well, something that the button spikes don’t have.
Try using math to position stuff if you haven’t already. The top spikes are prob inconsistent because of the white space if that’s something you tried, so maybe you can position them before you rotate.

Did you find all of the clovers? (There are 3)
Presuming that you’re using a clover emoji (:four_leaf_clover: or :shamrock:), don’t. That’s gonna mess with the aesthetic a lot and it’ll look significantly better if you shape art it and stick to your color scheme.

Rate level 1:
I’ll just give you a 3/6.66 for the design itself since I can’t play the project. Like I said, love the colors but it could be more consistent with the outlines. It is also a bittt simple so something like a leprechaun shape art character (vs the green ball) or some small themed shape arts (maybe a rainbow in the background or a out of gold at the end) would really jazz it up. Of course, you’re just on the first level and mechanics should be the priority, but just stuff to consider


Very true

I like the rainbow and the gold at the end of the level

Thank you, I will fix it


No problemo! Send me a screenshot n a tag when you’ve made the changes and I can offer some more cc :))


How does it look from the thumbnail (not the official one btw)

I think it looks pretty good! I might make a little less of the ground show, and a bit more of the sky, but that’s my personal opinion. I like the color scheme! Is it supposed to have a remix watermark from SpyGuy?

Have you found any bugs?

Hmm, the trampoline thingy was a little glitchy sometimes. When you get sent back to the beginning, the animation is a bit wonky. I might make it fade out, or some other transition.

edit: I said more about this later (:

Do you think level 1 is hard?

Umm well yes, but I’m really bad at platformers :woman_facepalming:t2: I’d get someone else’s feedback for this question

Did you find all of the clovers? (There are 3)

Umm I only found 1… then again, I was just happy I made it to the end of the level after about 15 tries

Okay so about the trampoline thingy:
There are occasionally some glitches when you jump on it. For example if I tapped jump when I was on it, I wouldn’t get the boost from the trampoline. Also if I bumped into it, it would blast me forward into a wall.

And about restarting:
After looking at it more, I think that the issue is that you keep moving when you restart (if I was pressing the move forward arrow, I would keep moving forward, or if I was jumping, I would keep jumping). It was like going through a portal rather than just restarting.

Overall I really liked it! I agree with the feedback Fearless gave as well. It has super great mechanincs, and I’m excited to see the other levels (:


Oh ok I’ll make gold coins shape art and try to make a rainbow

That was very helpful (sorry if I’m annoying at this point) thank you so much


I used his physics a little cause I forgot how to make it

Lol ok

Ok :+1:

Ok I’ll fix it

I think when you jump while on it it doesn’t work

I did that on purpose for next level

Ok I’ll fix that up


I’ll fix all of this stuff today and probably only make 1 level today since I can improve a lot :))


you’re all good haha. Lmk if you’d like any help with the shape art. Prob can’t code one for you (actually maybe I can… we’ll see how much time I have) but you can always look through my code and tag me if you want tips

The biggest one would be using “When sled clone index = “ instead of multiple check ifs inside a “when object is cloned”
You might need a repeat at the end but tbh it could be a lot more fluid and faster-loading that way. For both the shape art and platforms themselves.
Might help with some of the bugs sgs mentioned


Oh ok, thanks for the help

I’ll tag you if I need help


No problemo :))