Goatgames And Dragonmaster101 Huge Announcment

Ok gotcha thanks

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I mean we could add y’all’s emails soo that y’all can monitor with full edit ability

emails are personal.

But yuans is public… I can just make her a editor…

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Hey there,

I have done some research on the forum, and I agree with Awesome E. I think the reason why we do not allow Google sites is that it has a higher risk of allowing people to exchange personal information.

We also don’t want people on the forum to start exchanging emails so they can start a google site, so for these reasons, I’d have to remove the link for now. I will need to debrief with the leaders to see if we’d like to make any updates on this policy.


I was saying the leads only


Just a quick consideration – if you suggest an alternative method to help moderation, just keep in mind that would also have to apply to everyone to be fair.

Imagine having 30+ Google Sites invites in your inbox. That’s a lot of users’ sites and moderation to do!


You’re welcome to announce your projects in many topics of the forum, so having a separate website that might potentially allow people to comment/share information would not be allowed on the forum currently


But it’s not possible

huh I was just going to ask about unlisting – Yuanyuan beat me to it

Anyways, it would also be super impressive if you guys could code the website on GitHub, and then share it with us. That way, you learn some code along the way as well!

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@Leaders clive this also Clive the rest of my topics I guess every time I want too do something here it gets shut down @GOATGAMES im disbanding the company

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that’s funny

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You just have to use GitHub…

@awesome_e, i cant seem to be able to edit the OP or move the topic, even after making it a wiki, for some reason.
you mind deprecating?

– fearless