Goat pad - HSB finders needed [3 spots left, musicians needed]



Hey guys, I've been working on a pad and I need some people to pick out some colors.
Here's what it looks like right now:

I know, not much, but it will become better,
Neon picker - @AwesomeWolf18
Shads of black / grey -
Normal colors - @BlackDawn
Music -
There are two spots for each, but only one for shades of black / grey!

I'm also happy to take any requests


I'm estimating to have around 110 colors
I now have around 80


130 estimated colors (I re-calculated)


Ok I can to the HSB's


Neon colors please....


Ok, @BlackDawn, you can do the normal HSB colors
@AwesomeWolf18, you can do the neon colors
Just post the HSB on the forum like this:
(The hopscotch way)
Also, @Follow4LikesOfficial, can you help me with the music? I really admire your works!


I need any musicians to help me!


I suggest @snoopy and @MagmaPOP


Can I help with music??? you seem desperate


if you need music or any help i can help


ok, @Fifithefunnyflower and @SnowGirl_Studios


Thanks, but I'm a bit busy. :confused: sorry!




But you may use my music if you want!