Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!


Hi guys,

I know I haven’t posted anything serious in forever, but this is real.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. The color is gold. I encourage you all to post projects and spread awareness. It would be amazing if you could change your profile picture to something gold/yellow.

Almost 40% of men and women will develop some kind of cancer in their life. 4 in 10 people. I know that’s just a number to a lot of us. A far off “possible, but not probable”

Wrap your head around this. I have no honest idea how many active users there are on this forum, (there are about 3800 users all together have ever joined) but I’m going to say 400. Approximately 160 of us will get cancer in our lives. 40%. A bit under a third of those diagnoses will end in death. Around 50 people.

We always think it can’t happen to us; we’re untouchable. Until one day, we’re not.

Sorry for the sad words, but cancer, as we all know but forget sometimes, is not a third world problem in poor places.
Our neighbors have it. Teachers, friends, coaches, parents.

Count your blessings.


Also can someone post the OMTL? I haven’t used it in so long I don’t know what topic to get it from. thanks!


@OMTL here! You can do it like this now!


My science teacher has cancer!


I’m a little confused on the emotion behind that. Does the exclamation point signify excitement or sadness/anger/grief?

But I’m really sorry anyway.


I’m gong to change my profile pic to something gold. Is that okay?


This is my awareness project:

I will pray for all who have cancer. I’ll see if I can make a golden profile picture.


I was exclaiming that. But yeah, it is sad, my science teacher does have caner :frowning:


Thanks for this topic :slight_smile:


Would you mind if I endorse(advertise) cancer awareness around Hopscotch and the forum?


Surprisingly enough I’m wearing an orange hair ribbon today. :)

spread the awareness!


I think thats ok if youre not too off topic and stuff


I have changed my profile pic!


My frens mum has lung cancer :,(


Great topic senpai!!! I will try to make projects with gold in it


I’m so sorry to hear that, I hope she feels better!


I will pass that message on to her. Thanks so much!!


Thanks so much for spreading awareness!! I can’t see the project since I don’t have my iPad, and don’t have HS on my phone, or I would like it 100 times if I could!!!


No, I don’t mind at all! That would be absolutely amazing (as long as it’s not too off topic) :grinning:


I have photoshopped a Gold Version of my profile picture. Hopefully this will do the trick to raise awareness for such a cause :slight_smile: