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Okay, so as many of you guys know, I am very anti- drawing and RPing on Hopscotch. For the past couple of weeks, trending has been off of Hopscotch, which has lowered the amount of drawings. But then it came back.
I feel that Hopscotch just isn’t right for me anymore, so I will be leaving. I will hopefully come back in April to release a big game. I will still be on the Forum, but I will no5 fully come back until Hopscotch is fixed. I know many of you disagree with me, but remember: Hopscotch has always been a coding app. Well, it was meant to be one. Know it is just an app for people to come on and chat and draw. What happened to all of the coding?! I miss the old Hopscotch.
I hope that other coders that agree with me will join me An day protest this. I cannot stand how people us this app, and it is becoming infuriating.
If you agree, help me. And to all of you artists: There are tons of drawing apps out there,use those instead.
I will still be on the Forum.


I agree. Partially why I left too. I was just disgusted with featured quality and trending and the lack of coding.

I was like one of the only ones who absolutely pushed hopscotch’s Limits so far, and am really proud of it. But it just isn’t for me anymore, you probably feel the same.

I just stick around here and talk about the stock exchange.

My dream would be to code an accurate updating software program on hopscotch of currency prices and crosses.


You should learn JavaScript and program on Khan Academy. That’s where I program.


I have no interest in coding at all
I’m learning human physiology
But mainly focusing on the stock market


You are so correct. I just do it for the fun of it though and I like coding


Also @MyPi I saw one of your post and realized that your a Jew. SAME!


I’m an atheist.
Legally, I’m a jew. To the Jewish community, I am too. But in my beliefs, I am not.


Oh. Ok! So I’m actually half Jew but meh.


Uhh what does that mean. I’m young


I don’t believe in god.
I believe in science.




I 100% agree with you.


What’s funny is that we live in Israel.
Great place to be Atheist, huh?


I didn’t say anything?


Coding is so undervalued, and doesn’t get the likes they deserve, especially if your not a popular hopscotcher already. Like literally 8 wasn’t a popular Hopscotcher, only 40 likes a project, I created the first HSB Draw, First Color Saturation Draw (Like Draw with red changes saturation, same with Hue Randomized with Stauration Change) First Gradient Draw, First HSB Changer, First HSB Randomizer, First RGB Changer, First RGB Rabdomizer, And With All The Artists Out There Looking For A Good Art Pad, it couldn’t even get 20 likes, and no one ever used it, so I did art on it to hope to bring attention to it, of course these artists never used it lol.


No, you didn’t. I was just saying.


What is your HS username?


Ooh, should we stop talking about this? Off topic


Yeah, we should. But it’s not like the person who created the topic would care.



Yeah… definitely :sweat_smile::joy::roll_eyes:

20 post yey