Global Edit Forum Inside the Forum!



So, I just had this great idea!
Wait for it...
It's a forum inside the forum! Using global edit!

How to create topics:

Create a new post. For the topic title, put a hashtag (#) and then write your topic title! Under it, write a brief summary on what the topic is about, then put a line under it. Make a hide details drop down and call it "discussion." Then, put your post on global edit.

How to chat in topics:

Press the global edit button and write your "post" on the next line. Make sure to sign your name at the end! You can add polls, gifts and pictures, just like the real forum!
If you want, you can add you profile picture at the start of your post. Just upload you profile picture, and change the height and width of the pictures to 50. If you have any questions about this, just ask them in the mini-general-topic down below!


The rules are the same as the real forum! Be respectful, and don't post anything inappropriate! Don't delete anyone's posts! If you see a post that is disrespectful or inappropriate, put a flag emoji next to it to flag it, and explain why you flagged it.

If you have any questions, just ask me in the mini-general-topic down below!
If you aren't Regular yet, just ask a leader to put your post on global edit for you!
I would SBYP, but I had no idea what to search for.
Have fun foruming!

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Everyone, please remember to put your mini-topics on global edit!

The Offical AMA/Q&A of the Forum! :D
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Kind of a cool idea. But it's been done before...


I kind of feel like this is a wiki. Also, I don't think people will get answers here, it will get confusing having to come here and check all the edits and look through everything. Sorry, this is my opinion.


I think this is it



But I'm a little confused what this is and how it's different…


@BuildASnowman @Kiwicute2016 @PopTart0219


This is a forum, where you can ask questions and tell your opinions about anything without "clogging up" the forum with topics people say are "useless" and without people telling you you're clogging up the forum.


That is a wiki, where you can find answers to questions.


I really don't see the point. If you want to make a new topic, why not just make a new topic? If you wanna make an old topic, just revive an old one? I really don't see the relevance…

Sorry if I sound rude. I don't mean to I'm just confuzzled and befogged


Okay, people. I just don't know. I don't know why I created this topic, I just thought it was a good and fun idea. Sorry if I sound rude, I don't mean to. I'm just a bit annoyed at you guys just dismissing this idea a brown chakin. Well, that was a bad comparison. Okay?


I'm just going to make a topic...


Opinions on This Topic

What are your opinions on this "forum-inside-the-forum" idea? Tell me your opinions below the line in the drop-down!
Thanks @Mathgirl!


Starting this ~BellaWafflez17

I really like it, because topics that people say are too 'small' to make a whole topic about can go here! -treefrogstudios

I've stated above but TFS makes a good point :wink: -KVJ

I really like it! This is sounds really cool! -PupCow2016

Also, another benefit is that there's no 20 character rule XD ~BellaWafflez17

Hi! I just joined! -Explorer_

Hey @Explorer_! What do you think of this? Oh, sorry @Explorer_ we edited this at the same time. Can you write that again? ~BW17

I really like this idea! It isn't related to the wiki. -ella_13

Exactly! I was trying to explain that to everyone earlier ~BellaWafflez17

ThePickle: This is an interesting idea, but only Regulars can make topics.

Actually, non-Regulars (like me!) can make topics too! They can just tag a leader to put it on Global Edit. Simple! I put that in the topic description, maybe you just didn't see it :wink:~BellaWafflez17

Temmie approves :DDD ~@JaggedJeans (I liek being tagged lol)

I feel kinda funny :3 —@StarryDream


Yeah, cause before I didn't know why I made this and now I do! So yeah.


I have no idea...I never have good reasons for tagging people.


Um what?
Have you seen the first mini-topic?


Okay, from now on, chat only in the mini-topics, so that it will be easier to find topics. If you have any questions, please make a topic about it. Also, make sure to SBYP in the mini-forum before you create a mini-topic! :blush:
But, before you stop reading this, here's a poll!

  • This is a great idea!
  • This is a good idea
  • This is an okay idea :confused:
  • I could do better :frowning:
  • My pet potato could do better!
  • This is a bad topic


Votes are public.


@BellaWafflez17 I only voted that because my pet potato can do better than anything. Not trying to be offensive. It's not a bad idea.


I added that option as a joke XP
Oh right we should probably be using a mini-general topic now. Oh well.


Random General Topic

So I made this for people to chat without making multiple posts in this "real" topic, so that it's easier to find mini-topics! And:

So, instead or posting in the "real" topic, just use this to say what you need to say! Also to just chat but don't tell anyone So yeah. Also, there's no 20 character rule! Yay!


Hi people ~BellaWafflez17
:notes:BOB THE BUILDER​:notes: -happyfacegirl
Um what? ~BellaWafflez17
:notes:BOB THE BUILDER​:notes: -happyfacegirl
Seriously? -_- ~BellaWafflez17
:custard:puddin the puddin​:custard: ~JaggedJeans
I'm from KVJ's second topik....... and now I'm stalking you..... -Bob
Wut da heck NG? ~BellaWafflez17


This didn't need to be flagged. It's ok to have an opinion.


That's not very nice