Glitter Kitty's Trivia Game Show!


~Credit to everyone who has done this before me~

I will ask questions about me throughout the days, for every correct answer, you will get a point.

Every weekend (most likely Saturday's), whoever has the most amount of points gets a custom project made by me, spam likes on forum and Hopscotch, and a shoutout! Second place gets a hopscotch spam like and a shoutout! Third place gets a spam like!


@xXBARNSLEYFCXx 2 points
@BellaWafflez17 1 point
@ButterBark 2 points
@tankt2016 1 point
@KoolM123 2 points




Ok, waiting for the first question :smiley:


First question!!

What are my two favorite foods?
(This question will be worth two points, one for each correct answer)


Hint: One is Asian, the other is Asian/Italian. (You can find it in both cultures)


Sushi and pizza!!!idk?


One point for sushi! Now everyone has to guess my other fav!


Noodles? Or garlic noodles


Pasta? Noodles? Spaghetti?




@xXBARNSLEYFCXx @BellaWafflez17
I will give you both a point for Noodles!


Tortellini? That is Italian, right?


Next question!

How long have I been on Hopscotch? (No cheating by checking my Hopscotch profile)


January 2015? Late December in 2015?


Nope! Earlier!


Sometime in 2015, maybe January/March/February's?


October 2015! Early January in 2015?


Nope! Not 2015, and you have to say exact month!


December or November 2014?


May 2014? August 2013?


Correct! November 2014!