Glitter Kitty's Story Contest!



I love reading and writing stories. So I am going to hold a contest! The story does not have to do with Hopscotch, it can be about anything you want. The winners of the contest will get their story published on Hopscotch with a shout out to you. (credits to the author of course!!!!!!!) I will announce the winner when the entries slow down.
I would like to invite some of my favorite hopscotch authors to join, if they want. @OrangeScent1 @LotsaPizza


Can I help judge or something?


Sure! You and I will both be judges. We will discuss the entries and decide on a winner on Hopscotch to keep things away from contestants.


cool! TYSM!! (Thank you so much)


I don't wanna write. Can I be another judge?


For right now, I am only going to have two judges. Sorry!!!


This Topic is so quiet.... Hello anyone wanna join? It will be awesome!


I'm entering post it later


If someone thinks that I'm not going to enter a story contest I don't know what to say.
Sure, I'll join!


I am definitely going to enter :smile: Where do we put our entries?


uhhhhh ask @Glitter_Kitty


So, um... here's my story:

The Pit of Lies

Chapter 1

My hands shook as I watched Gracia threaten her life.
"Shawn, I don't want to do this anymore..." Tears were in her eyes. Tears were in my eyes.
"Gracia, please. It'll be okay. Don't jump into the Pit. You won't die anyway-you'll just suffer extreme pain. Get yourself out of all those troubles by simply stepping away from the Cliff." I try to sound relaxed, like I'm soothing her. I was pulling it off well until the last word-Cliff. I just cracked.
"Bad word choices," she sneers. "Making me feel great. Edward ruined my life-I want to ruin his." She turns around.
"Gracia, stop-"
She jumps. Into the Pit. Off of the Cliff.

Chapter 2

My screams are the only thing I hear. Is that good?
I'm assuming it's not. Gracia jumped off the Cliff. Into the Pit. She did it. I bet when Edward finds out...
Too late.
"Shawn! Where's Gracia?"
"Dead," I reply. Edward's eyes widen and he grins.
"Bravery!" He screams, and runs into the darkness again, screaming, "Bravery! Gracia displayed bravery!" I try not to gag at his happiness for Gracia's deat_h. I look at the Cliff, at the Pit. The air is moist. The Cliff has vines hanging off of it. It's basically a huge stone slab. I work through the matrix of pipes until I reach the end. I peer down, into the Pit. It smells of blood. Gracia's blood. The Pit is so deep that it fades into darkness, engulfing anything that dares jump. I push tears from my eyes with the heel of my hand as I climb through the pipes, back to the safehouses.

EDIT: Chapter 3

The safehouses aren't safe. I feel sick in them. My cabin is covered in eggs and toilet paper-Edward's work, obviously. I try not to think about Gracia, so I go to eat lunch.
"Shawn, are you okay?" Beatrice asks me. I nod. She raises an eyebrow as I slump into the lunch line.
"I don't believe you," she says.
"Of course you don't," I reply. "Your motto is 'trust no one'." She rolls her eyes as she dumps cake onto her tray. We turn and walk back to Zed and Molly.
"Hey," Zed says, slapping me on the back. "How was training?"
"Horrible," I spat. I slide into my seat, almost crying.
"Where's Gracia-" Molly starts.
"Dead," I sob. "She's dead and... and it's all my fault. She jumped into the Pit."
"But I'm alive. That Pit is a pit-of lies."

I might add on later. Not my best work... :grimacing:


nice @LotsaPizza! i really like it


Thx! I'll actually make an entry with an excerpt from The Hopergent Runner, a story I'm making with OS and PT and KiwiCute and like 3 others :stuck_out_tongue:

Excerpt from The Hopergent Runner

Chapter 2, Excerpt 1

After our little laughter disaster, I’m able to pick myself up and continue my weapon-shopping spree. There are still a couple of nervous chuckles here and there. Jacob closes his eyes and points to a random weapon——it happens to be a BB gun. He frowns with the decision and instead, takes a crossbow from a hanger. I hold the gun to the target and shoot.
I hit the target spot-on.
I turn to Jacob and smirk. “Well, looks like I got the last laugh today.” I bend down and pick up the bullet. “I shall treasure this forever.” Instead of breaking into complete madness, Jacob fixes his shirt, and his eyes wander to mine. He breaks into laughter, into those small laughs that can really warm a person. I grin, and Kris starts to leave.
“Come, we have to go. You started making a vine… bridge, right, Seven?” I nod, signing yes. Kris nods back.
“Okay, then let's go finish it?” Jacob shares another laugh.
“I’m assuming that was a yes,” replies Kris, smiling. I look down at my stomach. Only one thing could be taking over.
Like a tiger, clawing at you until it has finally won. Growling at you. I try to withstand it, but it grumbles. Everyone looks at me.
“I’m kinda hungry,” I whisper. Time laughs.
“Are you sure that you want to eat Magg-Sta_b’s food?” he asks me. I nod.
Can’t remember the last time I chowed down a meal,” I reply. He smiles at me and Kris leads me to the kitchen.

Chapter 2, Excerpt 2

The kitchen is a big place, half of it outdoors. Time scrunches up his nose, breathing through his mouth. I inhale deeply. It smells heavenly. “I don’t understand,” I say, “It smells good here.”
“She’s past the Gone!” Time shrieks. I laugh, and he laughs back. We walk up to a small table, where Maggy sits.
“I’m hungry,” I demand. “What's the best you've got?”
“Oh, you could try the chicken. It's edible,” says Time, sarcastically. I glare at him.
“Maggy? What's the best thing you've ever made?” I ask, sweetly, glaring at Time once more. Maggy smiles at me and picks up a plate. She puts a slice of chocolate cake and a leg of chicken onto the plate. I smile. “This looks pretty good, Time.” Time just stares at the plate of food.
“When did you start cooking well, Magg-Sta_b?” Time questions. Maggy laughs.
“I knew Seven wasn't going to insult me, even though she's… different. So I decided to put in some love!” Maggy says. I grin at Time. He grumbles along to a table with me, a plate of his own in his hands. Before I can start questioning him, he’s practically done with his chicken.
“Man,” I hear him mutter, “This is good.”
“Told ‘cha!” I exclaim. The cake is soft, and the chocolate melts in my mouth.
“Maggy? Did you get help from Mr. Willy Wonka?” Time jokes. Maggy laughs bubbly. I get up and wash my plate, then run over to settle for the night. Time and Maggy are too engaged in conversation to notice me slip away from the kitchen. I see Mellodii, sitting on the cold, hard floor. Her eyes are a mysterious color.

Chapter 2, Excerpt 3

“Mellodii,” I whisper. “Mellodii!” I say louder. She turns her head.
“Hey, Seven,” she mumbles. “What’s up?”
“The sky,” I say. “Where can I sleep for the night?” Mellodii points towards a dark corner.
“Only spot,” she says. I nod.


I make a pillow out of small bunches of moss, and a hammock to sleep in out of some bamboo I found in the box, then tie my hammock up with vines. After, I weave a blanket out of the soft vines and moss I found on the ground and lay it neatly on the hammock. Now for essentials; I don’t have any sort of payment to give Kris for a toothbrush, toothpaste, clothing, a towel, floss, or some deodorant. So I decide to hijack the little shack for my essentials.
The ground that leads to Kris’s shack is soft and mossy. I walk on the moss with my bare feet until I feel something crawl. I feel myself pacing along the pavement, my feet skimming the floor. Eventually, I find the small shack that Kris claimed as her own. I sneak in through the back window, and carefully crawl along the floor to scout the place. Kris isn’t home. The place smells of fudg_e. I find the little store where she sells anything she can find and grab all that I need, which I stick into a large Ziploc bag. Then I leave.
Right before I step out of the place, I hear a scream. Kris, I think. I sprint back to my corner and place the bag under my moss pillow. Afterwards, I run across the code, in hope of finding Kris. I see Time standing over Kris. Is she dead? Is she okay? Stop it, I think, She’s fine, go see for yourself. And she is.
Except for the huge gash in her thigh.
She’s wailing. Time is crouched over her, trying to pick out a little stinger embedded in there. I stand, frozen in shock, not sure what to do. Then I move.


Here. Just write your story and post here!


I'm writing, plz, I'll need some time though, ,may the writing commence!(if your kind enough to let a poor TOOT into the contest I'd be thankful)


Ok! :grinning::smiley::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: 202022002200


@Stampy_Fans im pretty sure we have enough space


YAYYYYYYYYYYY!, my answer is A MAZE IN and so might my story.....
How much time do we have?


Sometime next week? Idk, just when I don't get any more entries for a while.