Glitter Kitty's Profile Pic Contest!


I am in need of a new profile picture/GIF! It can be anything, a drawn picture, a photoshopped picture, anything you created.


1st Place:
- Becomes my picture
- gets an art request
- a follow if I don't already
- spam likes
- shoutout

2nd Place
- Will become my profile pic later
- Follow
- Shoutout
- Likes

3rd Place
- MIGHT become my picture later
- Shoutout
- Likes


You lime undertale?


Yes!! It is my favorite game.


What are your interests? I might think about doing this...


Typo XD


What's the limit for number of submissions per person? XD


1) Cats (not surprising)
2) Drawing
3) Anime (particularly Re: Zero)
4) Undertale
5) Vocaloids (such as Hatsune Miku)
6) Hopscotch (of course)
7) Glitter
8) Rainbows
9) I love purple, hot pink, and teal.
10) I also really like chevron pattern.
11) Gravity Falls and Steven Universe
(Under my bio I have some other stuff, too)

What I look like:
Pale Skin
Brown Hair (shoulder length)
Hazel eyes
Purple glasses

Tell me if you need anything else!


2! You may enter up to twice!


My submissions:


This will be due October 8th! Be sure to get all entries in by then!


Here is my submissions


I spent like 15 minutes finding pictures for u ;-;




epic win


Ok here are the pics :D

here ya go :3


Re-Opening! Since barely anyone joined, I will start it again, this time due on November 1, 2016. Previous entries will still be counted in final decision.
silently tags @XiaoMiaoMi cuz she said she might join :grinning: