Glitter Kitty's New Collab! 1 Spot Left



Hey guys! Just created a new account called Glitter Kitty Collab. I have a sign up sheet published on that account if you would like to join, or you can sign up in the comments.

How to Sign Up:
Tell me:
Hopscotch Username
Age or Grade Level
Coding Level
How often you could participate
Your Best Project
Can you make a complex drawing pad, scrollable website, smooth background, or a turn-based game?

Note: Sorry if I don't choose you!

Please let me know if there is a mistake


4th grade
35 times a week (5 times everyday)
Pixel Art Captain Ameraminion!
I can make a drawing pad, a smooth background, and a scrollable website, though I think that if I tried, I could make a turn-based game!


Accepted! Tell me when you see this so I can give u password.


personal information I am sorry


A turn-based game is a game where two people can play in turns.


Like a board game. A board game is a turn-based game because it uses "turns" to do the gameplay.


Thx I will see you on there soon. Ps: I am in the Pacific time zone. Just so you know for collab.


So wit is the thing we are making?


Not sure yet. We will come up with ideas then start working from there.


It says the user or pass is wrong l@l




Ok. Tell me if u ever need the password again.


Go on the account I made an chat room


Password plz? I kinda saw this late.


Got it! Yep! Adding random words!


Kathryn Janeway
Probably 7-8
Every day or two (with exceptions)
The StarPad
II have made all of those except the game, but I think I could make the game.


Tell me:
Hopscotch Username SnowGirl Studios :snowflake: :zap:
Age or Grade Level 6th
Coding Level 8or9/10
How often you could participate whenever
Your Best Project My Pet Dolphin Game, Husky Pixel art and many more over 200 likes

Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) (Topic 5) (Official)

Accepted! Please use the password above.


8th grade
whenever I have wifi (every other day​:frowning:️)
best project: check out justsomenerds on scratch, or see my FNAF games
I can make a scrollable website/game, mine is pretty buried down, but if ur bored you can check it out


Hopscotch username: GiraffeProductions
Age/Grade: 13 8th grade
Code level: one of the high ones
Participating: all the time except when I'm in school but sometimes during school mainly available starting at 3:15 during a school week
Best project: shark attack
Can make complex: I can make all those complexed stuff.