Glitter Kitty's General Topic


Hi! In celebration of my returning, I decided to make a question/general topic. So ask away! I might also use this topic for announcements, polls, and such.



I love your projects. :3


Awww, thank you!! I have always admired your art.


Thank you so much! :D

I stopped drawing on hopscotch because no layers and layers are life. XD
But I post all my drawings here. :) (on da forum)



It's almost your anniversary! :D


Omg ur right :0000000
We need a smol partee


YAAAASSSSS!!! I should do something for that. I dunno what.

EDIT: Darn, I just realized I'll be out of town on the 28th. I will have my iPad and Internet with me still, so it should be ok.


Omg lucky

Wifi on vacations/whatever is so sed 5 me ;-;

Hotel wifi...


If I remember right, my hotel doesn't offer too terrible of wi-fi. Hopefully it will be enough.


Hotel wifi is good or horrible. XD

It's risky, but it's a risk I will take to get my beloved wifi


It has to be better than my own wi-fi. My house's wi-fi is horrible.


Omg, where has u been a thus time? You are still in Phase Studios, I think. You were the first one to join Phase Studios.


Yep, I was the first. I got busy, and honestly, a little bored of HS at the time. I gained interest again, and decided to try again!


ANNOUNCEMENT: From Sunday, July 24 to Friday, July 29, I will be out of town on vacation, so I won't be on too much. Hopefully, I can be on for a little while on the 28th for my Forum-versary!


If you could add one thing to Hopscotch, what would it be?


Probably either a comment function, a private sharing option for collabs, or a "turn-off" block, which would be useful in certain cases.


@MiracleShoutouts, your cue


I'm bored. Any questions??


Hi Glitter Kitty,
Do you remember Honary Warthog? That was my old account.


Oh yeah! I remember! Hai!