Glitter Kitty's Forum Requests!



I am going to take forum requests! It can be for art (please say if digital or paper), profile cards/backgrounds, logos, collabs, or anything like that.

Characters I can draw: Undertale, Gravity Falls, anything anime style


Glitte kitty how can you make the tap Glitter kitty?


What? What do you mean tap Glitter Kitty?


Sorry tab!!!!!!!!!!!!'


While you are creating the topic, down where you type in your tags, I just typed in Glitter_Kitty.


Good km gonna try!!!!


I think you have to be a regular...


Me??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously


To do the tag thing, yeah.


Thx appriciate it deeply


Ok, BOT.
Any requests for me?


Draw a waterbottle!


Can you draw Alphys and Undyne?


@GysvANDRegulus @Sparkczy

(ignore my maze puzzle and my needle felting sponge in the background.


Needle felting? Oh my gods! *faints


What? You don't actually poke your self that often, well, actually, let me rephrase that, you don't usually break skin or bleed while doing it. I started it yesterday and I have already poked myself twice. Never bled or broke the skin, though. It is actually quite fun and relaxing.


No, it's because I LOVE needle felting. I can't, but oh my gods, I LOVE IT.


I know. It is super fun. I just started doing it yesterday.


Can't like so :heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart: if you know what i mean
but those are awesome!


Can you check my Hopscotch profile? I need to know something for your art pad!