Glitter Kitty's Art Contest!


I enjoy art and contests, so I decided to do an art contest! Every day I will post a new challenge. After 24 hours, the entries will be judged. One entry will be eliminated each round. (more if some contestants don't turn in their entry)
Anyone is allowed to join.

Entry Challenge

To join, draw a self portrait of yourself. It can be on paper or iPad. Twist! You can only use shades of one color, and black/white. Be creative! This will be counted as the first challenge and will be judged.



People I Would Love to Join (They Still Have to Do the Entry)



YEAHSSSSSSS! I'll work on the self portrait rn!


uhhhhh ill join ill do the portrait in a while -thinks why am i joining so many art comps?!?!-


Lemme do Mai sketch


I'll join!
In my mind: ur joining too many comps!
Me: whatever! Let's work on the sketch!


I'll join.


haha im in 5 art comps i have no idea wht im doing :stuck_out_tongue: lets just hope hey dont all have the same deadline :stuck_out_tongue:


@Glitter_Kitty so one color... JUST one color, or multiple shades of one color? Like monochrome?


Me too I totally want to be in this one! :raising_hand:🏼


Multiple shades.


@Glitter_Kitty cool!


Fixed it @Glitter_Kitty


You need to use multiple shades of one color, so unless you use different shades with your pencil, try coloring.


kk :slightly_smiling:


I finished it!




Are shades of black/white okay as another color?


Can I Join? :)


How do I join
- Livilulu427


Dear @Glitter_Kitty
How do I upload a picture of the sketch for the contest and when is the deadline ???