@Glitter_Kitty @Madlipsgirl @SnowGirl_Studios project ideas


@t1_Hopscotch showed us how to do this so we can discuss our ideas here and then make them on Hopscotch.

I was thinking about making something that has to do with shopping.
Have money and pay for things. And make it as realistic as we can.

btw I am not really good at values they confuse me


Let's get started @Glitter_Kitty @Madlipsgirl @SnowGirl_Studios

For my idea look at the post above:point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:


I have already made a game like that, but maybe we can upgrade it, make a version 2.0. Some people have said it is boring. Here is the link to the project:Shopping Game v1.0


Ok then how about a competition so it will get lots of remixes and if it's good enough it might even get on trending or featured


Or maybe we can do a different game, one where you have to work to earn money, then you can buy things in a store to decorate your house and character! It wouldn't be too hard!


Yeah that's a perfect idea! Let's do that


Should I invite @Madlipsgirl and @SnowGirl_Studios to help us with this project or do you want it to be just us?


It doesn't matter, but it depends on how well you or the others can code art, because we are going to need it for the house and the work, and possibly a map. Can you code a background well, or can @Madlipsgirl or @SnowGirl_Studios do that?


I cam make backgrounds but they will look very bad because sometimes it annoys me when I spend ages trying to find the right size. And I am bad at values too.
But I am good at the other things.


I cap. Really good at backgrounds and everything expect pixel art


That's great!
The job is yours!


When should we start?:yum:


How about next week?
Because I need to finish updating one of my games.


We can start today if you want


How about tomorrow? I am free then.


So who starts first?


Sorry I cant do the project anymore I am trying to finish a few projects before school starts and I don't have the time


Ok. Have fun with your other projects! If you ever need help with them, you can always ask me and @PrettyBallerina!


Maybe you can send me a project on Hopscotch then we can talk about it there.


That's ok @SnowGirl_Studios
@Glitter_Kitty I am preparing the project!