Glitter Kitty, Hoppertoscotch, Programmed Cat Collab



Ok @Glitter_Kitty, let's talk about how our carnival project will go, yes?


Sure. I think instead of using a balloon emoji, we should just use an oval and have it grow as something touches something.


Ok let me try be right back


Ok I made it look like a face but I did what you said. Shrink it if you want.


@Glitter_Kitty maybe we can make it so when you press a button a water emoji will come out and if the water emoji hits the balloon it grows! And is there a value for all items that is called "size as a %"?


I am pretty sure there is


Yeah just saw there is, what emoji do we use for the buttons?


Um how about :on::curly_loop::arrows_clockwise:♤ any of those work. You choose


I like the one that says "on!"


Me too. But maybe we should have two different buttons. One for each player.


I changed the balloons from leave a trail to text.


What do you mean you changed them?


I'm confused @Glitter_Kitty what did you change?!?


Just look at the code. So we can make the balloons grow, it isn't a drawn dot, it is a text dot.


I made a project showing what i changed


The code didn't change on my iPad! HELP


What????? I'm confused again I get confused easily


That is so weird. Try double clicking the home button then swiping out Hopscotch. Go back in and see if it still like that.


@ProgrammedCat is also joining our collab. She used to be one of my good Hopscotch friends a long time ago.


What should I work on?