Glitchy Trails :/



I'm working with @FluffyMice on a cat meme, and we're doing coded art. It looks like this right now:

The thing is, though, sometimes, if you get out of Hopscotch (not swiping it up, going to another app) for some time for it to load because it takes 99 seconds to finish, it looks like this if you come back: Could you remove this bug? Sorry if this has been made already.


I'm not sure what happened with that! Do you think ANYONE will get out of hopscotch like that in our project? !! Remember those white lines for the bread? I MADE THEM GREY



Can you publish it?
(20 characters )


I have.


Ok I tried to get rid of the bugs I puplished it the link of the project is:


Still glitchy. I'm editing and adding now.


Uhh you can do the think for th bread (grey line) check if once value = 0


What do you mean?


You know that grey line that was white with the bread?
That's what it is so Make the repeat block go away


What value?


Never mind


Oh, I see, but you need the repeat block for curved lines.


Oh but it continues I think because the curved line restarts


I only started in August 2015 on my first acc. And yeah, why not?


@t1_hopscotch can you please help with this project we are creating? It gliches after a few minurites


Well, if you get out of Hopscotch... Also wasn't she on vacation or her school took away her iPad?


Testing something...


Hopscotch has a lot of problems because it can't load things fast enough. Hopscotch crashes on my fairly new iPad whenever I open this car game.


Hopscotch isn't a very powerful tool, but I don't blame them because it's just a mobile app.


This is what it looks similar to: