GlitchScotch (hopscotch acting up)


Guess what?
Hopscotch is not working at all!
First off, EVERY project I play cant run, it just loads.

And all my drafts say this

I have been, but I don't want to anymore, the projects are presouis to me.



Maybe there's an update that you didn't install, so that's happening.
EDIT: I checked, there are no recent updates


Either it's not showing or there's not ._.


What is "Daisy the Dinosuar"???


A thing the hopscotch team made it before hopscotch


I think it's a basic coding app.


I don't know, but emailing will give you an answer. If you click or tap on the email, it'll start a draft. :slight_smile:



Nvm it works now


Oh. Maybe I should download that for my sister........