Glitch with latest update



In the latest realesed update, the new character, Star, is not following ANY green looks and sounds block I have touched. Examples below.

Set Color

I put star in the same place of another shape. I tell both shapes to set color to the same color. Star DOESN'T!!!

Set Invisibility

I tell Star to Disney invisibility to 100. Star doesn't do so.

Bring To Front/Send To Back

I put Star in the same place as a character with the rule

When play button is tapped
Repeat Forever
Bring To Front

And Star is infront of the character with Bring To Front.

Same with if I tell Star to repeat forever send to back.

Heart Set Invisibility

Also, this is THE ONLY block I found heart disobeys. I tell Heart to set invisibility 100, heart is still visible.

Try These Blocks On Heart and Star

Someone please edit and fix poll it's not working. I will use a special trick so you can look for what I did wrong.

[poll type=multiple min=1 max=3] 
- No, they all work for me.
- None of them work.
- I discovered that(post below)


Here ya go:

  • No, they all work for me.
  • None of them work.
  • I discovered that (post below)


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Are the blocks conflicting with other ones?
Try doing it on a fresh project.


@MobCraft no, they are not.


Try closing out of Hopscotch and then going back in. Or restart your iPad.


Hmmmmmm...... Well I have discovered that in the rule I tell it to set color, I have a repeat forever below it. The star waits a bit, then sets color. Still a glitch.