Glitch with bio tags.... [kinda about the forum so I put it in meta]



Um, i don't know if it is just me.

Are tags not allowed in bios? Because i have done a few shoutouts on mine but this happened…:

Anyone else have this?

Friendly Mass Tag List



You might've put spoiler.


It's fine with me. I can see it.


I didn't though… o.O


Weird. I wonder what it is!
@Kiwicute2016, @PopTart0219, @BuildASnowman, @Anonymous!


@Anonymous. :D



I saw that edit.


@KVJ I've seen this bug too!
It happened only with the @everyone tag, though..
In the bio I saw it in.


I would like that but @Candycane has bound me in a no-like situation


Has anyone else got this problem??




This is Hypokrisie !!!!

Also, do you have this problem?


idk, ill tag you in my bio and can you tell me if u get the notification XD


You don't get notified of that though.
Look at the pic above to see my problem


your didnt work but i think snowgirls did


His username's KVJ, not KVG. :wink:


Thanks, @Mathgirl! I would like that, but a certain krass Hop has bound me to nolkingness...


excuse neh @KVJ
Entschuldigen Sie bitte meine Fehler


Oh sure, I excuse "neh"! :joy: Fehler?? How dare du! You're the Fehlerin! Jk


For the record, I still have the white tag thingy problem… Le gah


And now the reason is revealed, phew!