Glitch that removes the remix bar


So I accidentally discovered a glitch that removes the remix tab that needs to be fixed immediately


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You probably shouldn’t have the way that causes it because people are copying


I like that bug…


dont worry, I dont copy projects


Yeah, that happens a lot with me.


But if I don’t state how, it’ll never be fixed, and people will find out about it eventually

It’s best to get it out quick

Yes, and this is how it works (my guess):

The remix bar can be shown based on the last creator of the project (I think).
So, when you republish that project 2 Times, it thinks it was your project, or because you never had a draft of the project, which can mess with the system.

Just some possibilities.


Nominate for featured?


Remove the way how to do it. Better send an EMail to THT.


Well I removed but I don’t think THT ever got to see it

I’m lazy, someone else can email, plus, they still haven’t gotten back to me about something else


I emailed them about a few months ago.


Well, I’m never updating again… lol

:joy: jk

… 3 days later… “darn automatic updates”