Glitch part of project?



First of all, I know this is definitely NOT a new topic. How do I put it, er...just look at the picture (on the edges) is this just my ipad acting screwy?


That's what happen d to my drawing pad! I had to change the whole layout. It worked one day, and it was messed up the next!


you might want to increase the size of the rectangles a bit :wink:

then they'll either be a tiny bit too big, or fit just right, even when the glitch happens


I tried everything: Exiting out of hopscotch, refreshing, blah blah blah.....ugh so annoying 🙄


This is cheerful owl's drawpad so..


Yah. It's like there was a secret update, and the set positions work differently.


Maybe the hopscotch team is working on a major bug?


I think its the unicode, it was made before the shape characters were added. Like @justanerd said, just increase the size by 50! :D


It's just soo odd because on every CO draw pad it's the same exact well :laughing: