Glitch Or Code Problem! Help!



Me and @Anna10 are working on a project called "Make-A-Bunny!", but there's either a glitch or I did something wrong with the smooth background code. The smooth backgrounds (labeled "Background (Sky)" and "Background (Grass)") won't work! If you fix it so that both the smooth backgrounds run, please tell me your username and give me the link to the fixed project! Link:

Some good coders:


I got the sky to work! :D

I'm fixing the grass...


And the grass should run after the sky so that they don't cover up each other…


I fixed it! :D

I will go get a link...



Here is the link! :D

Recreate the fixed codes on your project, there was glitch with the link. :0


There was no glitch... You said Value X Pos+0 and it shouldve been +1