GLITCH!(Mabye!) please help!



on my description there is a poll.
it currently says 0
i don't know if it is a glitch or what, but can you vote (make sure that's what you actually think!)
on the poll!

Glitch with polls

I tried it on my profile. Could you try it out? I think it's a bug/glitch but I'm not sure


I tried voting for Minecraft, but it wasn't taking my vote. Maybe you can't do polls in the description???? It showed I pressed the button, but it didn't do anything!


Either way, it's still cool!


So cool it's awesome anyway


glitch maybe not mabey, what's next? liberry!?! this kind of misspelling makes me feel like I'm chewing on styrofoam... not a good feeling, but probably not done that way on purpose, pls change it tho, because styrofoam is not a good texture in the mouth :wink: