Glitch In My Code


Now, I made a topic about me not liking to Code anymore but wanting to get back into it. I was advised to Code something I want to, so I updated a project I had to Beta 0.3, but I came across a Glitch in my Code. I don't know what I did wrong.

It's supposed to make a drop down effect but when I tap it it flashes to one text then back to it's normal text. What did I do wrong?


Maybe put the code in a check if else block?


Check if ()=0
Check if ()=1


Please note that in earlier updates I had used this technique for drop down effects. It seems Hopscotch has come across a problem or in these newer updates, Hopscotch's Code was edited, making this technique not work.


Hmm I'm not sure, I would have to see the project. Did you publish it?


@KVJ oh, I see what I did wrong now, my brain has a glitch, I guess. \o_o/


:joy: I doubt that. Happy to help though :smiley:


@Madi_Hopscotch_ it changes the value then checks to see if the value is changed, and because they changed it, it goes automatically back to it's default text...

Does that make sense?

Edit: I should recycle this topic X(D



It's also how to do things like pausing and switching between multiple things!
I've used it for things like changing background colour on my CoSine Limn and changing eraser colours and stuff. Also for dropdown things, like the tabs in CoSine Limn.


Ohh ok that makes sense. Did you figure it out?


Nah it could be helpful to other Hops :wink:


@KVJ ok, but I really do think the memory part of my brain glitched when I failed at something as easy as a drop down X(D

10th rply


It's okay. Failing is the key to learning.


@KVJ but I had already learnt it

This is gonna last forever lol


Well learning>>forgetting>>failing>>relearning>>stronger memory


@KVJ I surrender my point. X(D


Get Komplekt.